matabuba (matabuba) wrote,

Strange settings are used on internet-cafe computers. As if not for indigeous population.. For example I cannot turn to kyrilic skript. Whatever... Chineese, Korean.. but not what normal kyr-alien wants..
*more agressive*
Tell me dear comrads who of you are addicted to the damned "Alt-Shft" script change instead of true catholic "Ctrl-Shift"? This is the point where war starts!


I feel to deliver my congratulations to all who are April 12 motivated!


Make your stakes dear comrads! I have 6 letters written to order some gold-plating chemicals from Germany (And this is not yet over). Germans are really presize. They ask for each dot they are not sure.
So the point is if they take risk to deal with russian customs or not.
I prey YES!


How to send things to Ukraine? Who can give a method of 1cc object smuggling? What do  they usually send there which makes customs officers feel averson? Put thing into foodstaff? No. Officers are eating. What... What else? Books on russian? No idea..

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